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Attitude towards life, the focus of which revolves around the enjoyment of wine and enjoyment in general.

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Orange Wein aus Slowenien ist eine unserer Spezialitäten im Weinnatur Online-Shop. Weißweine maischevergoren, ohne Zugabe von Schwefel, unfiltriert. Bioweine der Extraklasse.

Pure wine nature - orange wine from Slovenia

Mash-fermented white wines, unfiltered, hardly or not at all sulphurized according to biodynamic cultivation. Exceptionally intense flavors of caramel, honey, dates, quince and more. A taste experience outside of the familiar. These are the excellent orange wines from Slovenia.

Discover orange wine from the Slovenian wineries Batic, Burja, Cotar and Movia in our online shop.

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Organic wines and orange wines


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Unsere Winzer: Weingut Cotar aus dem Karst in Slowenien
Our winemakers: Cotar winery from the Kras in Slovenia

Natural wines and orange wines from the Slovenian Kras, which cannot be compared with anything in their individuality, depth and energy. Get to know the Vina Cotar winery. The history The Cotar winery is located in the southern part of the Kras plateau in Gorjansko in Slovenia. In 1974, Branco...

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Unsere Winzer: Weingut Burja aus dem Vipava Tal in Slowenien
Our winemakers: Burja estate from the Vipava Valley in Slovenia

Natural winemaker Primoz Lavrencic's Burja estate combines traditional winemaking in the Slovenian Vipava Valley with the modern understanding of natural winemaking. With his holistic and integrative viticulture, Primoz Lavrencic has made a name for himself in the wine world far beyond the borders of Slovenia. The roots of the Lavrencic...

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