Hello there, it´s us – the WEINNATURen,

We are pleased that we can inspire you for the wonderful wine worlds of Slovenia and Sardinia. WEINNATUR means wine nature in English. For us it also has the meaning of being a wine natural.


To us, being a WINE NATURE means pure joy in enjoying wine and the joy of working with wine. For us, wine is not just one alcoholic drink among many, but an attitude towards life based on curiosity and enjoyment.

We did not complete a classic training in the field of wine, but followed our passion and, as the saying goes, "across the board" entered the subject of wine. Our basis is curiosity, the urge to discover the world of wine enjoyment. The joy of getting to know people who dedicate their lives fully to the subject of wine. And the desire to bring natural wines to life for as many like-minded people as possible.

The wines of WEINNATUR

Wine and nature - a symbiosis that can be found in all of our wines. Handpicked wines from family wineries, monasteries and wineries with a focus on regional, autochthonous varieties. One of our great passions is orange wine and natural wine from Slovenia. Biodynamically produced wines, fermented spontaneously on the skins, unfiltered and hardly or not at all sulphurized.

The WEINNATUR wine growing regions

As luck would have it, a few years ago we discovered a small European treasure trove of wine, which is still quite unknown in Germany - Slovenia. We found traditional companies with excellent premium wines, cross-border commuters with fascinating biodynamic wines at world level and a price-performance ratio that is second to none.

Also by a nice coincidence we became aware of Sardinia, which turned out to be the perfect counterpart to the wines of Slovenia. Deep, powerful, aromatic red wines. Spicy, herbal white wines and a world of fine liqueurs and brandies. Wineries that use modern methods to turn traditional, regional varieties into something very special.

We encourage you to also become a WEINNATUR


The wine natures (WEINNATURen)

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