Pleterska Slivovka - Pleterje Slivovitz

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Slivovka from Slovenia from the Pleterje monastery

Whether we call it Slibowitz, Slivovic, Slivovitz or Sliwowica, we always mean the same thing: the famous plum brandy. All these names, which sound very similar, are derived from the Slavic "sljiva", which means nothing other than plum.

The slivovitz from the Pleterje Charterhouse has an excellent reputation in Slovenia and beyond.

Distilled twice from the monastery's own plums. In the naturalness of the production, combined with the old distilling tradition, a fruity-intensive plum brandy develops. The taste of fully ripe plums is full of harmony and fruit, which is particularly evident when enjoyed on its own.

Enjoy a piece of distilling tradition from the East!

Pleterska Slivovka - Pleterje Slivovitz

Grape variety:
Slivovitz (Sliwowotz, Slibowitz) made from plums


Alcohol content:
45% vol.

Net content:
0.7 liters

Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej