Pleterje Rosé sparkling wine - Classic method

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Outstanding rosé sparkling wine from the Pleterje Charterhouse from the rare Zametovka grape

This elegant rosé sparkling wine from Slovenia is made from 100% Zametovka grapes. The German name of this autochthonous Slovenian variety is Schwarzsamtige or Kölner Traube. It is also traditionally used as the basis for the famous cvicek of the Pleterje monastery.

It requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity on the part of the winemaker in order to press a single-variety sparkling wine from it. With this elegant and harmonious sparkling wine, Joze Simoncic shows the potential of this almost forgotten red wine variety. It is traditionally pressed using the classic method.

The Pleterje Rosé sparkling wine is light and lively, wonderfully fresh with a wonderful acidity and a piquant and fine, lovely finish. The perlage is very pleasant and is accompanied by fruity berry notes, but also by peach and floral notes.

Try this rosé sparkling wine from Slovenia using the classic method. It is an excellent companion for many occasions and celebrations. We particularly appreciate it as an aperitif.

Pleterje Rose Sekt - Classic method

rosé sparkling wine
Grape variety:
Žametovka (100%)


For an aperitif

Alcohol content:
11.0% vol.


Net content:
0.75 liters

Contains sulphites

Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej