Unsere Winzer: Weingut Dveri-Pax des Stift Admont aus der Stajerska Slovenija

Our winemakers: Dveri-Pax winery of Admont Abbey from Stajerska Slovenija

Sandra HaltmayerJune 19, 2024

Not far from the Austrian border, the Dveri-Pax winery is located in the Drava Valley (Podravje), surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Stajerska Slovenija. The Slovenian wines produced here reflect the connection between the Benedictine monks' long winemaking tradition and their deep passion for winemaking. This is how centuries-old methods - dating back to 1139 - and innovative thinking come together. The history of the winery is as rich and long as it is eventful.

The Jahringhof estate, on which the current Dveri-Pax winery is located, was bequeathed to the Catholic Church by the nobleman Rudolf Wittenswald between 1130 and 1135. The Salzburg bishop Konrad I gave the entire property to the Styrian Benedictine monastery of Admont. The estate grew steadily over the centuries through purchases and donations until the order was expropriated of its vineyards by the National Socialists in 1938.
After the end of World War II, the lands of Admont initially passed to communist Yugoslavia, until after its collapse the independent state of Slovenia was founded and the Benedictine Order was able to regain ownership of the property. Only then could winemaking begin again and the Dveri-Pax winery was founded. The name reflects the Slovenian "dveri" for gate and the Latin "pax" for peace.

Dveri-Pax Weingut in Slowenien

Today's Dveri-Pax vineyards extend over 73 hectares in three main regions:

- Jeruzalem: Železne dveri (Eisenthür), Radomerje (Picheldorf), Ilovci (Illovetz)

- Kapela-Radgona: Murski vrh, Janžev vrh

- Maribor: Vajgen, Štrihovec, Pekel

The range includes a wide spectrum from fruity, fresh white wines to strong, aromatic red wines.

Cellar master and managing director Danilo Flakus, who has been managing wine production as an oenologist since 2003, attaches great importance to the gentle treatment of the vines in the vineyard. This includes hand-picking, careful leaf work and the most natural plant protection possible. The modern wine cellar combines innovative methods, tradition and the utmost care. This is how the best wines of the highest quality are produced.

The main focus is on white wine, which, as is usual in Slovenia, makes up 80% of the wines and 20% red wine. The main white grape varieties are Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Welschriesling and Furmint. In addition, there are the wonderfully aromatic varieties Gewürztraminer and Gelber Muskateller. The focus for red wines is on Pinot Noir and Blaufränkisch.

The varieties produce fruity, fresh, elegant white wines in the classic line, which are usually matured in stainless steel. In addition, there are the two extremely popular cuvées from the house Benedict White and Benedict Red. The special thing about the red wines is the long maturation period that the red wines receive at the Dveri-Pax winery. The Benedict Red is currently in the 2013 vintage. This time in red wine production produces deep, complex wines that are so rare to find. Especially at prices under 20 EUR.

Dveri-Pax Wein aus Slowenien

In addition to the classic line and the house cuvée, fascinating single vineyard wines are produced from the best vineyards. As with the red wines, emphasis is placed on long, careful maturation and aging in barriques. Iiovcii and Vajgen are particularly noteworthy among the white wines. For example, in the Sipon Iiovii and Sauvignon and Chardonnay Vajgen. If you are looking for the best wines from the winery, you should look out for the letters "V", "R" and "M". These hide wines that have only been aged in barriques from the best vines in the individual vineyards.

You can find our entire wine selection from Dveri-Pax Dveri-Pax wine collection.