Die Roséwein-Frage & Roséwein aus Slowenien

The rosé wine question & rosé wine from Slovenia

Sandra HaltmayerMarch 24, 2023

Rosé wine has always been the type of wine that leads to the most stimulating and exciting discussions among wine lovers. The wine, made from red wine varieties according to the procedure used in white wine production, polarizes. Some are critical of it and like to add one of the following sentences. Be it the classic "rosé wine is only for women", "rosé wines are sweet and made from inferior grape material" or "I drink rosé wine, if so, only in summer for a barbecue".

Rosé wine - a life style

For others, rosé wine is the embodiment of an attitude to life, characterized by the lightness, vibrancy and elegance of the wine. Rosé wine is known for its smooth aromas of red berries, citrus and floral notes that indulge the palate and delight the sense of taste. It is often associated with romantic memories and happy moments.

Rosé wines have developed wonderfully over the last few decades

Historically, a critical look at rosé wines has certainly not been unfounded. Twenty years ago or more, rosé wines were often very simple, inexpensive wines made from red wine grapes that were not of the quality needed for the winery's finest red wines. However, this is very different today. For many winemakers, rosé wine is an integral part of their wine range and is usually made dry or semi-dry. Sweet rosé wines are a thing of the past in the wineries we import from Slovenia.

Rosé wines are all-rounders

Rosé wine is unbeatable in its versatility. Of course, as many people know, it goes well with almost anything grilled, especially white meat, fish, vegetables or seafood. But have you ever served it as an aperitif instead of sparkling wine or with a nice snack platter? He is also a very pleasant accompaniment to any fish dishes, Asian food, especially sushi variants. Instead of serving it before a meal or with a starter, it is also a nice change to serve it with dessert instead of a dessert wine. Lush, creamy desserts in particular are perfectly rounded off with the fresh berry notes of a rosé.

Rosé wine from Slovenia

In Slovenia we got to know a variety of rosé wines of the best quality right from the start. The regional red wine variety Refosk is often used here, which produces fresh, fruity rosé wines, such as the Refosk rosé from the Vinakoper winery, as well as elegant, ripe rosé, such as that from the Santomas winery,  Santomas Rosé. Both come from Slovenian Istria, the Refosk region of Slovenia.

Santomas Rosé Refosk aus Slowenien

Another popular grape variety among Slovenian rosé wines is the Blaufränkisch (Slovenian: Modra Frakinja) variety. We find fine, elegant rosé wines of this variety both in Slovenian Styria and in the Posavje region. Dveri-Pax Monastery and Pleterje Charterhouse both make very nice variants of Blaufränkisch at great prices.

Rosé wine as a natural wine of the best quality is a characteristic that we encountered at winemaker Miha Batic in the Vipava Valley. Every year he creates one of the best rosé wines in the country from Cabernet Sauvignon. Always on the border between dry and semi-dry, without the addition of sulfur according to Demeter specifications.

Give it a go

Whether you are a lover of rosé wines or have avoided this type of wine in the past, we can only recommend that you always try a high-quality rosé from the wineries of your choice. There are many wonderful surprises hidden in this type of wine, just waiting to be discovered.