Movia Puro Weiß und Rosé öffnen wie der Winzer selbst

Movia Puro White and Rosé open like the winemaker himself

Sandra HaltmayerMay 13, 2021

The sparkling wine specialties of the Movia winery

The Movia winery is beautifully situated in the Slovenian Brda region and is one of the most famous wineries in Slovenia. The name Movia stands worldwide for extraordinary orange wines and natural wines made from autochthonous and international grape varieties. The charismatic winemaker Ales Kristancic and his family manage the winery biodynamically out of deep conviction. Today we would like to introduce you to two of the extraordinary Movia wines and show you how you can open the Movia Puro professionally.

What distinguishes the Movia Puro and what makes it so special?

For vinification: Characteristic late harvest, handpicked, short vine times until fermentation (max. 2 hours). Primary fermentation in large tanks with natural yeasts obtained from the same pre-harvested grapes (5%). The matzeration lasts a day, hence the delicate rose color of the Puro Rosé. Then press lightly at low pressure. Secondary fermentation in barrique barrels on the lees completed, no bottling. No sulfur or other preservatives are used before bottling. After four years of aging in barrique barrels, the wine completes all natural processes and becomes naturally stable and ready for a long life.

You are part of the creation process!

The duration of the last fermentation in the bottle is up to you, depending on when you open the bottle. The sparkling wine continues its life until the end with its own natural yeasts in the bottle and does not contain any preservatives. The advantage is that the wine has an endless life. Its storage potential is enormous. Some may find the unusual procedure for opening the Puro impractical. However, the winemaker is convinced: "that practicality is a factor that is only considered in relation to the outside world, never in relation to the inner self or life in general."

However, to make it easier for you to enjoy the sparkling wine here, you will find below the video of Ales Kristancic himself opening a bottle of Puro.

MOVIA Puro open with and without accessories

You can also order original Movia accessories, the Puro water basin and the Puro opener from us. Feel free to send us an inquiry to
As described by Ales, with a little skill it is also easily possible to open the Puro by hand without additional accessories in the sink or another water basin. We have also included an exemplary video for this in the following.
The most important thing with any opening is preparation. Let the Puro cool well upside down for 48 hours so that the yeast can settle on the cork. Make sure that you continue to hold it upside down in your hand when you open it.

After that, nothing stands in the way of wonderful sparkling wine enjoyment.

The Movia Puro are fascinating, unique sparkling wines and the opening itself is always a small event. Trust yourself! Make yourself and your guests a special treat with the Puro from the Movia winery in Slovenia.