Pleterje wine liqueur from Žametovka

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Wine liqueur made from the rare regional variety Žametovka

This lovely wine liqueur is made from the Žametovka grape. The Žametovka red wine variety, which is very well known and traditional in Slovenia, is known for its appealing acid structure and is a regional specialty. Nowadays, it is unfortunately used less and less, which makes this wine liqueur all the more interesting.

It gives the Pleterje wine liqueur strength and freshness, the berry scent and light floral notes. At 20%, the alcohol content is slightly lower than most liqueurs, and the sugar content is slightly higher. This combination makes the wine liqueur appear fruity, fresh and wonderfully sweet.

Pleterje wine liqueur is excellent as an accompaniment to desserts, but also on its own. We recommend refrigerating it, as this will give it all its freshness.

A rare and enjoyable liqueur specialty from Slovenia.

Pleterje wine liqueur from Žametovka



Alcohol content:
20% vol.

Net content:
0.5 liters

Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej