Matic Mea Sipon Pet Nat

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A great Pet Nat from Slovenia

The Mea Sipon Pet-Nat is Matic's signature sparkling wine, a true love story. He decided to call the Pet-Nat “Mea,” Latin for “my,” since this was the first sparkling wine he made commercially.

Pét-Nat is an abbreviation for the French term pétillant-naturel. The term is used for natural sparkling wines made according to the “ancestral method”. This means that the sparkling wine goes into the bottle before the first fermentation is complete. The quality of the sparkling wine is then obtained via the naturally produced carbon dioxide from the sugars contained in the grapes.

Each bottle of Mea Pet-Nat from Slovenia is vinified and bottled individually, so no two are exactly the same. Please roll or turn the bottle carefully before opening to get the real, unfiltered Pet-Nat enjoyment. Intense notes of lime and green apple can be found on the nose. On the palate it is fresh with slight acidity, green apple aromas and light bready notes - typical of very good sparkling wines.

You should try this Pet-Nat. A real treat!

Matic Mea Sipon Pet Nat

Wine: Sparkling wine Pet Nat

Grape variety: Furmint

Food: Aperitif for special moments

Country: Slovenia

Alcohol content: 11.5% vol.

Net content: 0.75 liters

Note: Contains sulfites

Producer: Matic Wines, Grušova 24, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenia