Batic Valentino NV

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A class of its own - this sweet wine

The grapes for the Batic Valentino are harvested by hand - only the finest grapes are selected and harvested individually. Valentino is made from dried grapes from the Pinela and Rebula grape varieties. Only the best harvests from the best years are used. The harvest begins in mid-October and the grapes are packed into wooden crates. After that, natural drying takes place in a dry and windy attic until April.

During this time, the grapes turn into raisins - the Batic Valentino also shows this in the taste. Each grape is carefully checked before pressing. After a week of manual selection, the pressing of the grapes begins. Traditionally, Valentino grapes are pressed at Easter. One liter of Valentino is pressed from the initially 25 kilos of harvested and dried grapes. The wine is then poured into Slovenian oak barrels and aged for one and a half to four years.

The bottling of the Valentino is also done manually - each cask individually, under a specific moon. In this sweet wine from the Batic winery, perfect winemaking craftsmanship and nature combine to create something very special.

The color in the glass is an intense and deep amber with beautiful golden tones. Perfect viscosity and oiliness when pouring characterize the Batic Valentino as a very special wine.

A clear and pure aroma on the nose. Scents of white fruit jam and beeswax aromas are present as well as those of cooked fruit and sweet spices.

A fascinating collection of aromas (dried apricots, hazelnuts, almonds and honey) on the palate, with a wonderfully long finish.

Variety: white wine, sweet
Grape variety: 50% Pinela, 50% Rebula

Food: dessert wine

Country: Slovenia
Year: NV
Alcohol content: 11% vol

Net content: 0.2 liters

Note: Contains sulphites

Producer: Miha Batic 5261 Sempas