RAU Distilleria Limoncello

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Limoncello made from sun-ripened Sardinian lemons in the traditional way

With the scent of fruity lemons that ripen under the Sardinian sun, this fine Linomcello with its fresh, fruity taste contains a piece of holiday in a glass.

The intense gold-yellow shines out of the bottle. It is traditionally prepared with a slow and controlled infusion following an ancient and original recipe. The result is a lemon liqueur with a fruity aroma that stands out for its digestive properties at the end of a fine meal. It is also excellent with ice cream and as a base for a fresh limoncello spritz. Try it!

How limoncello is made

To make limoncello, the outer peel of untreated lemons must be peeled very thinly without leaving the white layer in between. The white lining would make the taste of the limoncello very bitter. The lemon peel is kept at 95% vol for three to four weeks. Alcohol added. The alcohol removes the essential oils from the lemon peels. The macerate is then brought to drinking strength with hot water and sugar or syrup. The liqueur rests again for at least a week and is then filtered.

RAU Distilleria Limoncello

Type: liqueur

Contents: Alcohol, sugar, lemon peel essence, natural flavors

Country: Sardinia

Alcohol content: 30.0% vol.

Net content: 0.7 liters

Producer: Fratelli RAU Snc 07100 Sassari SS IT