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Filu 'e ferru - the Sardinian grappa par excellence

The Filu 'e ferru (Filuferru) or Aquavite di vinacce a la sarda is deeply rooted in the Sardinian lifestyle. Fil'e ferru is Sardinian for "iron wire" and dates back to the old days of moonshine. So that the black distilled grappa could mature undetected, it was often buried in the ground outside the house. To make it easier to find again if necessary, a piece of iron wire was put in its place. The fine Sardinian grappa has retained the name to this day.

Like Distilleria RAU's grappa, Filuferru is made from fine grape pomace according to an old tradition. Its taste is wonderfully fruity and intense with slight herbal notes that are reminiscent of the Sardinian maquis.

In Sardinia, the Filu 'e ferru is often drunk on the beach in the afternoon with an espresso. But it is also a fine digestive and a very good choice as an alternative to classic grappa.


RAU Distilleria Filuferru Aquavite di Vinaccia

Variety: Aquavit (Grappa)

Country: Sardinia

Alcohol content: 42.0% vol.

Net content: 0.70 liters

Producer: Fratelli RAU Snc 07100 Sassari SS IT