RAU Distilleria 926 Mirto di Sardegna bianco

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Pure nature, captured in a liqueur - The white Mirto
From the fragrant leaves of the myrtle plant, an evergreen shrub that grows wild in the pristine areas of Sardinia, this liqueur is made entirely naturally, without the addition of colorings and flavors. A slow maceration in pure alcohol and the respect for the old production method give the liqueur a characteristic fine and delicate taste. Excellent at the end of a meal as a digestif or to refine desserts. Served cold, it best expresses its aroma and fragrance.

RAU Distilleria 926 Mirto di Sardegna bianco

Type: Liqueur

Contents: Essence of myrtle leaves, sugar, alcohol

Country: Sardinia

Alcohol content: 30.0% vol.

Net content: 0.70 liters

Price/litre: €22.71

Producer: Fratelli RAU Snc 07100 Sassari SS IT