Pleterski Brinjevec - Pleterje juniper brandy

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Best juniper brandy from Slovenia

“You should take off your hat before the elder, you should kneel before the juniper”

In Norse mythology, potions made from juniper berries are said to have given clairvoyant abilities. In natural medicine, juniper has always been considered a health-promoting and healing plant.

The schnapps, made from the monastery's own juniper, owes its intense aroma and natural freshness to the selection of the best raw materials and exemplary distilling technology. The juniper is wonderfully present in both the scent and the taste.

Pleterje Brinjevec is actually a juniper brandy and not a juniper spirit. This shows the difference to a gin that is not distilled from juniper berries, but only flavored.

This powerful and highly aromatic spirit from Slovenia is something very special.

It is best enjoyed pure and well chilled.

Pleterski Brinjevec - Pleterje juniper brandy

Type: brandy
Grape variety: juniper berry brandy

Country: Slovenia

Alcohol content: 45% vol.

Net content: 0.7 liters

Producer: Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej