Pleterska Grencica - Pleterje monastery spirit

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Herbs for the soul - monastery bitters from Pleterje

The combination of 49 different, selected aromatic herbs from the monastery garden in Pleterje with the monastery's excellent fruit brandy results in a true elixir of life.

It was created according to the motto "Via recta ad Vitam longam - The right way to a long life". The recipe for the various medicinal herbs goes very far back into the history of the monastery. The monks recognized very early on the supporting effect of certain plants on the human body.

Each liter of Pleterje Klosterbitter contains 10 g of pure herbal extract, which strengthens its intensity and power and is truly remarkable.

It is a pure and natural monastery bitter, without frills.

We prefer to enjoy it after a meal as a digestive.

Pleterska Grencica - Pleterje monastery spirit

Grape variety:
Fruit brandy with herbs


Alcohol content:
40% vol.

Net content:
0.5 liters

Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej