Matic Kerner 2023

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The first Slovenian Kerner at WEINNATUR

Kerner is a type of white wine that we know from Germany, but which is rarely found in Slovenia. In the climatic conditions of Slovenian Styria, it produces beautiful, fruity white wines with pleasant acidity. Fresh and full-bodied, Matic's kernel matures for 14 days in steel with skin contact, which means the juice of the grapes is developed together with the grape skins for a while. The classic procedure for producing an orange wine. Immediately recognizable by the color of the Slovenian white wine. Deep yellow and unfiltered in the glass.

Freshly opened, the natural wine shows strong notes of fresh pineapple juice, with light notes of mango, lychee and more tropical fruits. The great thing about this Kerner is its deep, earthy quality, which gives it structure and fullness. A great complement to the fresh fruit notes that you notice immediately.

Matic Kerner 2023

Wine: white wine, orange wine
Grape variety: Kerner

Food: Shellfish, fish, white lean meat, vegetarian dishes
Country: Slovenia

Alcohol content: 13.0% vol.

Net content: 0.75 liters

Note: Contains sulfites

Producer: Matic Wines, Grušova 24, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenia