Pleterje walnut liqueur - Orehov liker

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Bitter Sweet Symphony – Brilliant, this walnut liqueur!
This incomparable walnut liqueur was created from the still green walnuts in connection with the monastery's own Obstler, some herbs and sugar.

The monks of the Pleterje monastery in Slovenia combine tradition and nature in a wonderful way. The walnut trees grow like the fruit trees around the monastery and provide the basis of the walnut liqueur. Cultivation is based on organic standards.

The walnut liqueur has a strong, invigorating effect and is pleasantly refreshing thanks to the fine herbal aromas. The brandy base of the fruit brandy contributes to this. His deep brown color makes him look cuter than he is. The slight bitter note of the walnuts complements the overall impression perfectly.

Enjoyed neat, slightly chilled after a meal, in good company or as an accompaniment to vanilla ice cream, it is always a pleasure.

Pleterje walnut liqueur - Orehov liker



Alcohol content:
35% vol.

Net content:
0.5 liters

Kartuzija Pleterje SI 8310 Sentjernej