Piranske Soline Traditional sea salt coarse in a bag 1 KG

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Hand harvested sea salt of the best quality

This fine sea salt also comes from the Secovlje Salt Pans Nature Park. The Piranske Soline is the last soline in Europe where the salt is still harvested by hand.

The qualitative difference to other sea salts is the cultivation of the special biosediment or the algae "Petola" on the soil of the salt fields. Using petola as a base prevents the salt and mud from mixing, which means the crystals don't crumble when the salt is harvested. As a result, the salt gains significantly in purity. The salts are harvested by hand every day at certain primeval times.
This unique, traditional extraction method in Europe gives the salts a special taste and extraordinary properties.

The coarse sea salt is not refined, not ground, not iodized. Can be stored dry indefinitely.

Piranske Soline Traditional sea salt coarse in a bag 1 KG

1KG in a bag - price/kg € 3.30

Origin: Slovenia - net content 1KG

Ingredients and Allergens:-

Producer: Piranske Soline SI 6320 Portoroz