Kocbek cold pressed canola oil 500ml

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Cold-pressed canola oil from Slovenian Styria

Cold-pressed canola oil is obtained from selected and sorted rapeseeds. It is manufactured using a special cold pressing process in which the maximum processing temperature never exceeds 29 °C. The pressing process is carefully controlled to preserve the rich nutritional profile and completely natural composition of cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

The canola oil from Slovenia has a distinctly mild aroma, a mild taste and an intense color.

Cold-pressed canola oil is extremely popular and sought after for culinary use because it has a very favorable fatty acid ratio and is rich in vitamin E. It is also known for its omega-3 fatty acids. That's why cold-pressed canola oil is one of the most sought-after vegetable oils in the world. It is recommended for daily cooking as it can be heated up to 220 degrees Celsius and, with its high smoke point, is more stable than other vegetable oils even after repeated heating.

Origin: Slovenia

Net content: 0.5 liters

Ingredients and Allergens: 100% unrefined cold-pressed rapeseed oil

Producer: Gorazd Kocbek s.p. SI 9244 Sv. Jurij ob Scavnici