RAU Distilleria Joia Pura Grappa di Moscato

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Joia Pura Grappa di Moscato - Fruity, with herbal notes, fresh

The care during the heating of the grape pomace with its alcoholic vapors, their concentration and return to the liquid state brings out the full aroma of the Moscato grapes. They are rich in the original, intense aromas of the Sardinian maquis. Sweetish herbal nuances, complemented by floral and fruity notes in the taste, inspire us. Its freshness in the mouth is also remarkable.

An exceptional grappa at a very good price.

The perfect choice as an after-dinner digestif or as an ingredient in a fine caffè corretto.

RAU Distilleria Joia Pura Grappa di Moscato

Variety: Grappa

Country: Sardinia

Alcohol content: 37.5% vol.

Net content: 0.35 liters

Price/litre: €25.42

Producer: Fratelli RAU Snc 07100 Sassari SS IT