RAU Distilleria Corbezzolo Liqueur

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Corbezzolo liqueur made from the fruits of the strawberry tree

This rare liqueur can only be found on the sunny island of Sardinia and here with us. Distilleria Rau uses the aromatic fruits of the strawberry tree (Italian Corbezzolo) to produce a fruity liqueur that is second to none. Corbezzolo is not only used for distillates in Sardinia. It is also known as honey, jam and traditional medicine. It is considered a natural antibiotic with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects on the island. Whether as a remedy or for pure enjoyment, we love the Corbezzolo liqueur chilled as a digestif.

RAU Distilleria Corbezzolo Liqueur

Type: Liqueur

Contents: Alcoholic solution, essence of strawberry tree, sugar, natural flavor

Country: Sardinia

Alcohol content: 30.0% vol.

Net content: 0.70 liters

Price/litre: €19.71

Producer: Fratelli RAU Snc 07100 Sassari SS IT