MOVIA Lunar Chardonnay 2008 organic wine

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Movia Lunar Chardonnay - the wine of the moon

The Lunar Chardonnay is a special orange wine and one of the most exceptional Chardonnays you can find. Its creation itself is unique.

The handpicking of the Chardonnay in the vineyards of the Movia winery in Brda takes place late. Care is taken to ensure that a maximum of 2 hours elapse between the harvest and the start of fermentation. The hand-rubbed grapes mature in special new barrique barrels that have been converted to the in-house process and give the wine more room to follow the phases of the moon. After 9 months of aging, the wine is bottled under the full moon, without the addition of sulphur, unfiltered and without mechanical pressure. This very gentle process gives the Lunar Chardonnay its wonderful structure and reflects the closeness to nature of the orange wine.

The aroma is engaging. We discover lemon, cucumber, green apple, some sage. In addition, tropical fruits and peaches accompanied by earthy notes and a beautiful minerality.

For this special wine from the top Slovenian winery, we are happy to let the boss have his say:

As with the Puro, the decanting of the Lunar is a special ritual




Variety: white wine
Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%

Type: Dry

Food: So rich that it goes well with meat and hearty vegetables in addition to fish

Country: Slovenia
Vintage: 2008
Alcohol content: 14%

Net content: 0.75 liters

Price/litre: €36.00

Note: Contains sulphites

Organic control body producer: SI-EKO-001

Organic control body dealer: DE-ÖKO-037

Producer: MOVIA Ales Kristancic, Ceglo 18, Dobrovo SI-5212