Fedora Wines Pet Nat 2020

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Pét-Nat from the Vipava Valley - pure nature!

Pét-Nat is an abbreviation for the French term pétillant-naturel. The term is used for natural sparkling wines that are made according to "méthode ancestrale". So the sparkling wine goes to the bottle before the first fermentation is complete. The quality of the sparkling wine is then obtained from the naturally produced carbon dioxide from the sugars contained in the grapes.

All the advantages of this type of sparkling wine can be found in the Fedora Pét-Nat, which is made from the Riesling and Refosk grape varieties. It sparkles pale pink in the glass and the fruity berry notes are already noticeable here. Raspberries and strawberries stand out and great grapefruit flavors. In addition, other citrus notes. Very tasty and invigorating in the mouth.

A pét-nat is naturally cloudy, as all natural substances such as yeast are still contained in sparkling wine. If you want to enjoy it clearly, look through the sailor's eye on the front of the bottle. As soon as you spot the mermaid, the wine is cleared that far. Fedora spun a wonderful story behind it which you can see in the video below.

Fedora Pét-Nat is a very special sparkling wine from Slovenia that you should try!


Fedora Pet Nat_ENG from Pristop on Vimeo

Variety: Pét-Nat sparkling wine

Grape variety: Refosk, Riesling

Food: As an aperitif, with BBQ or with light vegetarian starters

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol content: 12.5% vol.

Net content: 0.75 liters

Note: contains sulphites

Producer: FEDORA d.o.o., Valter Kobal, Dolanci 6, 6222 Štanjel, Slovenia